The 5 Best Meditation Candles

beautiful meditation candles

Humans have been using candles in meditation for centuries, but what exactly makes a set of the best meditation candles? Today I am going to help you find the ideal set of candles that will best serve your style of meditation practice.

Candles provide a great environmental balance to the meditation space as well as aromatherapy benefits. These benefits are also recognized while practicing yoga.

The Importance of the Matter

Ideally, when seeking to purchase candles for meditation or for any other reason it is best to seek out materials that are non-toxic. Candles are commonly made from a toxic chemical called Paraffin which releases harmful carcinogens when burned.

Many candles on the market today are made out of material like beeswax or soy. These friendlier and biodegradable options will give you a safer environment to calmly continue working.

Beeswax also gives you the added benefit of cleaning the air in your space. Beeswax releases negative ions into the air which will attach to positive ions and remove them. Positive ions can contain contaminants like pollutants, toxins, and diseases.

Ultimately, it´s important to try and keep mindful of what you are purchasing and where it came from when you can!

Uses for Meditation Candles

You might be wondering what different uses there are for meditation candles. There was a time when I believed that candles only uses were for light and for warmth. But no more!

As I gained different experiences and information throughout my life I found that there is a fixed gazing technique called Trataka. The practice will help you improve your concentration and have also been said to heal and strengthen the eye.

Another use for meditation candles is that of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the holistic approach to healing through the art of pleasant aromas. Essential oils derived from plant materials are generally used in this practice but an aromatic candle would work just as well.

The Candle´s Flame

candle flame

It´s important to mention to be cautious of the candle´s flame. If you just got your brand new candle and you´re excited to place it in your space, that´s good! I know it must be common sense but be sure to check the surroundings the candle will be inhabiting so that it does not catch fire to anything.

A friend of mine had a beautiful candle that she placed in her space and she was telling me about it. I told her it was wonderful but asked if she should have the scraggly pieces of dry rope hanging from a different ornament directly above it. She laughed and then embarrassingly moved the candle.

Life is constantly happening! Sometimes we overlook things so I am here with a friendly reminder. If you are doing fixed gaze meditation you will want to ensure the candle is not too close. The warmth may seem mellow at first, but over time it may be uncomfortable and become tough to remain still.

Mixing Your Candles

One thing you might consider is the scents and the number of candles you are going to assemble. The scents can be more exciting than just the initial scent of the candle. If you have a space that looks like it accepts three candles then trust your instinct and get three candles!

You can find all sorts of different ideas of what scents go well together. You can try lavender with a vanilla candle. You can even add a rain scented candle if you can and really feel like you´re settling into an ecstasy of a pleasant rain.

You can even try more fun options like blueberry cobbler mixed with a cake smelling candle to get the smell of a cozy baking day on a Saturday. Some candles come mixed with different herbs to produce different scents already!

Best Candles for Meditation ;

1.Jasmine & Ylang Ylang Meditation Candle

2.Vetiver and Olibanum Meditation Candle

3.Happiness Shakra Candle

4.Lavender Candles for Meditation

5.Spearmint Eucalyptus Meditation Candle