Christmas 2019; Decor Trends and Trend Colors

Decor Trends and Trend Colors for Christmas

Of course, there’ll be a Christmas again this year and your strong demand for the new decor trends and trend colors for Christmas 2019 inspired us to take a look at the upcoming season. We first deal with the general decoration trends. Then let’s take a look at the four new trend styles for Christmas 2019.

For us, there are four highlights among the decor trends for Christmas 2019.

One trend that is currently establishing itself has patterned “embossed” baubles. They are present in all color and style variants this year. These are baubles that, when made of glass, are blown into preformed molds. Thus, the bauble has diamond patterns or lines. Paired with a metallic used look, they are an eye-catcher on any tree, no matter which style you prefer. Even on a modern tree – when used in moderation.

Opulent Amethyst Purple Bubbles for Christmas Tree Decoration

The following materials are also important on Christmas: cones, eucalyptus, and pine.

Pine cones can be staged in a variety of different ways and are available in so many different shapes and sizes that they are used everywhere. Eucalyptus exudes a touch of exoticism, but its bright finish makes it perfect for Christmas decorations. The long pine needles quickly fill a wreath and look florid or plain in the floristry – depending on how you use them. That’s why the pinewood fits so perfectly in the quite opposite decor trends for Christmas 2019.

Natural Touch Pine and Eucalyptus for Christmas

Deer, Rocking Horse & Co. – trendy decorative figures for Christmas.

Regarding decorative objects, we further see bells, rocking horses, but also the mushroom, which can be used from your autumn decorations. Even the Christmas tree as a purely decorative object is in demand this year. Animal motives are mainly the deer but also polar bears and snowy owls which can only be used in certain Christmas themes.

Fluffy materials as an important decorative element for this year’s Christmas decoration.

For the fabrics, it is also a contrasting pair that belongs to the decor trends for Christmas 2019. Depending on which Christmas trend you choose to decorate, there are on the one hand long-fluffy fleeces like sheepskin and their imitations, or velvet look. On the other hand, decorative fabrics such as table runners made of polyester with lush sequin embellishment or mica effect. Or you make it quite puristic: a wire mesh painted or natural, in which decorative objects such as cones, larch branches, and baubles can be draped.

This year’s Christmas style worlds are also designed oppositely.

Four styles will make the race in 2019, although others will certainly be present as well. In the wake of the megatrend of individualization, anything that you personally like is allowed. Nonetheless, with this article, we want to help inspire you and maybe even let you think in a different direction when it comes to Christmas decorations. Our style and color trends for Christmas 2019 are based on current and preferred interior design styles in today’s industry.

Cool Natural

Another decor trend for Christmas 2019, which we were able to foresee last year, is now coming into the trade. It is a very natural style with many decorative elements that can be collected during a forest walk. We call it “Cool Natural” – because despite the autumnal cones, mosses, mushrooms, and twigs, it always contains a touch of cool snow optics or silver mica that will give the elements the winter flair. We will surely see even more of that in 2020.

It also supports people’s desire for more closeness to nature. Plastic garbage and the pollution of the seas, which are regularly seen in the media, lead in a large clientele to the desire to have as little disposable items in the Christmas decoration and to resort to articles from local regions.

Important elements in “Cool Natural” are cones and mushrooms. At the same time, the cones can be individually staged in large sizes on a beautiful ribbon or as a small variation in wreaths, decorated with silver or snow accents. These are usually pine or fir green elements. If you want a very natural decoration, use the branches themselves or moss.

If you choose to use a bit more green, grab matching green feathers, table runners with green sequins or mica, or even green fleece, into which you can put cones, larch twigs and some white or brown-beige baubles with silver finish. Also, green baubles in a large decorative glass with cones in-between look nice and fit harmoniously with the trend colors for Christmas 2019. On the tree, you have to decide which one you prefer.

he rest of the decoration is based on the natural model. That means you can confine to cones possibly with mica finish, natural feathers, small packets of parcel paper, socks made of jute, also paper baubles in an unusual look or simply designed angels made of natural material. Eucalyptus and pine have a natural snow effect, which means that they often look like iced in nature and are therefore particularly popular. Or you use parcel cord dipped in white mica as a garland. With a tree in “Cool Natural,” less is often more.

The style fits in modern interiors or even in clear Scandinavian styles, as it is limited to a few discreetly placed decorations. Of course, you can also bring in other nuances in terms of color. Advice: use colors that match each other. So from brown, over beige to apricot or from wool white over beige to fir green. Gold then suits best to earthy nuances, silver to cooler colors. As new metallic effects, wire decoration and decorations in Rusty-Iron are added. So pieces that look slightly rusted. Or metal decoration in antique silver, meaning a metal that looks more dirty-black than silver.

American Sweet Lush

A trend of a completely different kind finds more and more fans across the pond: “American Sweet Lush.” Particularly lush decorations play an important role here. Whether Christmas tree, entrance decoration, light decoration on the house, Advent wreath or window decoration: choose opulently!

We probably don’t need to write much about it because every year American movies and tv shows give a glimpse into “The American Way of Christmas”. Important here are many colorful baubles, which are by definition no more “baubles”. No, often there are glass decorations in the form of candy, packets, mini-Christmas trees, Santa Claus, candy canes, hearts, stars, chocolate, muffins and cake pieces. The imagination knows no limits. Even loops, garlands and tinsel are an important element.

For many Americans, visiting Santa Claus through the in-house fireplace is an elemental tradition. Therefore, socks on a (not necessarily real) mantel are absolutely necessary for the right Christmas feeling.

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